Skill Labor Service

Accelerating Change for Low Maintenance Cost with High Quality


Good skill according to Standardization Certificates

Lower maintenance cost

Prompt and willing to work hard

Hardworking, patient, honest, and discipline

Mill Wright
     – Ability in processing machine alignment and erection
     – Ability in taking Y-Level
     – Ability in welding with flux core as 2F, 3F up, 4F, 5F up , and 10 mm. steel plates with flux core as 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G
     -Ability in welding steel pipe Ø 6 inches with flux core as 5G up, 6G up                                                  
Pipe Fitter
     – Ability in drawing structural plan according to ISO by using section plan
     – Ability in creating sheet metal drawing
     – Ability in bending pipe angle as degree indicated or section plan 
Automation Technician/ Engineer
  – Ability in installation commissioning, and maintenance automation system
  – Ability in installation, testing, and analysis VSD Control system problems
  – Ability in installation and maintenance industrial instrument
  – Ability in installation and maintenance electric system, and electric transformer
  – Ability in installation and maintenance air conditioning system and HVAC in industrial manufactures