Corporate Philosophy

We enhance on running our business to achieve one of the Thai leading companies providing engineering services. With our ‘can do’ attitude and knowledge, we continuously work on studying, researching, and developing to accomplish the better results. We aim for developing our organization to the excellence, going together with applying the Knowledge-Based Economy (KBE) as one of our policy.

We provide our high quality products and services concerning the ultimate customer satisfaction by training a concept of production and quality assurance ‘customer’ success is our success’ and ‘receive more than you pay’. We focus on the working process in every aspect, which must be investigated and improved to succeed in being state-of-the-art regarding customer’s need as always. Quality services tracking system before, during, and after selling; on time delivery; responsibility; knowledge are the key factors leading us to the sustainable development.

WCE value our crews as we believe that the good employee brings about the company success. We seek our colleagues by considering putting the right man into the right job as the first-priority concern. We offer reasonable and fair benefit, training courses, educational support, and additional capability building. Quality and safety of life while working become our major concerns as well as health and sanitation not only for colleagues themselves but also the company, the society and community at large.

We maintain our intention certainly to manage the business with the Buddhist virtues and ethics concerning honesty as the first priority. We believe that the morals and ethics would be one of the important factors that creates peaceful society effecting to the country and business to be flourish and prosperous. WCE does the business openly and above-board to alls such as stake holders, investors, and community.

We do care about the society and environment since we are one unit of the society. Consequently, the good society would provide the good quality of life. We believe that society, environment, and business must be developed together for the sustainable business running. WCE takes it as a duty and responsibility to establish great value to the society and environment to keep ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’ in balance. We get ready to accomplish our purposes.