National Skill Standard

    According to one of our policy supporting pursuing knowledge and specific skill of crews, WCE has cooperated with National Skill Development Institute to have our officers skill tested. Also, we are legally authorized to establish Skill Standard Testing Center from Department of Skill Development providing skill testing to our crews as well as others regarding the department standard. Continuously, WCE has been developing labor skills in various categories to reach all skill standards together with growth of the company.

At this present, we offers 5-skill testing at the fundamental level as the detail below:

1. Indoor electrician

2. Industrial electrician

3. Air condition technician

4. Welding electrician

5. Tech

We also set our goal in other 5 skills testing:

1. Vehicle mechanic

2. Lathe machine operator

3. Industrial pipe fitter

4. Dis-assembly Mechanic

5. Light duty diesel engine mechanic

We have our crews tested in 8 categories which each category divides into 3 levels:

1. Fundamental

2. Middle

3. High