Human resource management policies

We pay attention to our all crews, and believe that the good officer is one factor leading to the success of the company. We seek our colleagues concerning their ability, also providing reasonable and compete able benefits, training courses as capability building for further promotion in work. Furthermore, we support the quality of life while working including occupational health and sanitation, and safety, which effect to the crews themselves, the company, and the community at large.

We value officer’s capability building as well as providing various training courses regularly, including in-house training, external training, and overseas training. We give our crews National Skill Standard testing, also. WCE reasonably allocates the budget for human resource development as a drive to be a “Learning Organization”. The company encourages all crews to join “Life Long learning” since it could build crews’ capability and working skill itself reflecting to real life working. With this thought, the officers could grow up in their careers along with the growth of the company.