WCE provides quality-fast service. SCG cement plant equipment repair 4 days completed

West Coast Engineering Co., Ltd. provides repair services for cracked roller tires to SCG, allowing them to be reused within 4 days, valued at 330,000 baht. Satisfied customers with quality service Cost-effective and fast, reinforcing WCE engineering service excellence

Mr. Kittisak Mapanao, Managing Director of West Coast Engineering Company Limited or WCE, is one of the SSI groups. Revealed that for more than 10 years WCE has been committed to providing maintenance and engineering services. Both our affiliates and external customers by providing various types of services, including Engineering and Project Services Repair and production of mechanical parts Maintenance services and skilled labor service metal structure assembly services, etc. Recently, the repair service of rock crushing equipment (Roller Tire) to SCG was damaged. Because the surface of Roller Tire has deep cracks. cannot be used Rock crushing equipment by the condition of being damaged. cannot be used in the country not accepting repairs Roll must be replaced in one place, which WCE takes 4 days to repair, can be used for a period of time, cost 330, 000 baht, extend the period of use machine tool equipment and help reduce production costs for customers able to create maximum satisfaction for customers

Mr. Kittisak adds revealed that the Roller Tire is a wear-resistant roller that crushes the rock to the desired size. The defect is the surface of the Roller Tire has deep cracks. make it unusable The engineering team then proceeded to check. And analyzing the technical data, it was found that the material of Roller Tire is Duo Cast type, which means that the production technique is used to produce two types of casting materials next to each other in the process of pouring metal water, the outer surface is Hi-Mn or Hi-Cr, while the inner surface is Ductile steel. (tough, strong), which SCG is used to repair by welding Hard Facing over the entire face. Based on the above information, design the repair process by how to weld the Ductice Ductile steel together and connect the Hi-Cr surface to the Ductile, including the side surface, provided that the Roller Tire must not have cracks and have a shape size to use continue to work.

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