WCE had received the Japanese standard steel fabrication.

Expanding for markets about export of steel structure & Setting target budget year 2016 that revenue 7,000 tons.
WCE had certified a standard steel structure fabrication (M-grade) from Japan Structural Consultants Association Institution (JSCA) and a welding standard from Japan Welding Engineering Society Institution (JWES).To produce ,Sale and export product steel fabrication Structure either pillars or beams to the Japanese market, adding value to products. Furthermore WCE had alliance with Mitsui which support about marketing, raw material and export .By next year we will have been sailing 7,000 tons.
Mr. Kittisak Mapanao Managing Director of West Coast Engineering or WCE had revealed to correspondent “KHON LEK SSI NEWS” that recently WCE had certified standard to produce steel structure from Japan Structural Consultants Association Institution (JSCA) that certified had objective for produce and export steel structure fabrication pillars and beams we calls “built up beam” to Japanese market. Adding value to our products, expanding our market and enhancement of standard steel structure fabrication. Which is quality guarantee follow Japanese standard. In fact of Japan are highest earthquake in the world. With this reason Japan must to will have been developing standard of steel structure fabrication continuously and will have been controlling seriously. For every pieces of steel structure products for construction in Japan must to high quality.
In the beginning, WCE had applied for certificate M-grade from JSCA institution. Certainly JSAC institution had sent a representative to audit about execution management process to produce products system such as backward check the database for execution, the policy, a reference job and example mock up.  Especially this mockup had prepared for a representative from JSCA to increase a confidence of WCE potentiality before ascription to certified.
Mr. Kittisak Mapanao had revealed furthermore about request for certified already. WCE had sent engineer and welder 6 persons to training and skill testing at Japan. Its purpose to certified welding standard from Japan welding Engineer society Institution (JWES).In the same way, we had invested machine ,improvement workshop area layout ,had submitted to formula of produce products to board of investment (BOI) for had received benefits of privilege follow standard of BOI. In regard to the exemption duty of import raw material.
Furthermore WCE had alliance with Mitsui & CO (Thailand).That which have been to support marketing, raw material and exportation to japan market. We had already signed in memorandum of understanding (MOU) in last May 6th, 2016.
Managing Director of WCE had revealed, in time between years 2013 to 2015, it had stagnant economy of the world. Although Japan is the highest economy strengths. It is inevitable the stagnant economy. Construction industry has drowse, demand of steel structure has decreased, a lot of layoffs and had reduced capacity. Whereas that Japan will be selecting to host Olympic game in 2020.Because of this Japan will be building many stadium construction. Hence demand will be very increasing initial from year 2016 to 2019.Demand must to more than from capacity inside Japan. It have many fabrication shop However not additional employees but are selects to import steel structure from foreign country to compensate demand inside country which have insufficient. Japan must have steel structure insufficient around 40,000 – 60,000 tons per year. It is a great opportunity of WCE to expanding Japan market by alliance with Mitsui &CO (Thailand) Ltd. About it are Japanese company which have reliability and recognized from Thai-Japan commercial.In this time WCE had already made some built up beam which purpose to produce a trial lot. In the period of learning stage between WCE & Mitsui, by we will be setting the target made to order for sale around 1,700 tons before year 2017.Which this year we will be making full capacity target around 7,000 – 8,000 tons together with looking forward to expanding United States market or Asian market with the same standard. About domestic market it will have been such as high rise building, factory building and warehouse building.


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