WCE repairs equipment for gem mining, and reveals good work, fast service, and cheap price, saving more than 450,000 baht

WCE provides repair services. Sand flow measurement equipment for the company Chaiyaporn Mining Co., Ltd. reduces production costs from 500,000 baht to only 54,000 baht and can be used within 10 days, saving time instead of replacing a new one that takes up to 6 months to order, reinforcing service excellence. Engineering

Mr. Kittisak Mapanaow, Managing Director of West Coast Engineering Company Limited or WCE, is one of the SSI groups. Revealed that for more than 10 years WCE has been committed to providing maintenance and engineering services. The group provides engineering services and maintenance of engineering and mechanical parts. Latest repair and service, metal structure, etc. Provide maintenance services for sand flow measurement equipment, holmium ceramic coaxial meter, house flow measurement 41, and service customers. Chaiyaphai muangpaiyok Co., Ltd. can resume use within ten days instead of replacing it with a new one, which takes longer than six days. Compared with the cost of more than ten times a month, the new change, which is expensive 500 and 000 baht, WCE repair work. Only 540 and 000 baht, only two years after rehearsal, I believe our customers will bring the greatest satisfaction.

“When receiving a problem from a customer, Chaiyaporn Mining Co., Ltd., that the Sand Flow Measurement device was damaged, which was caused by 1. The inner surface of the pipe is exposed to sand, gravel, and gemstone mixed with water, while the Centrifugal Pump (centrifugal pump) has high pressure and flow rates. This causes abrasive corrosions, causing internal walls to corrode and wear out. The engineering team then proceeded to check. Analyze the causes mentioned above. and plan to fix The main steps are the design process, which is 1. Placement in the installation will be connected to the Centrifugal Pump (centrifugal pump) that sucks gravel, and sand. and has a high flow rate to see the condition of use 2. Operation Study the damage theory associated with Wear.”

from the determination and dedication to pay attention to every detail of the problem understanding of customer needs to be Combined with skills, expertise, and experience in engineering services for more than 10 years, gemstone mining equipment repair services are successful for both customers, which is able to fix the equipment back to us within 10 days, worth 54,000 jobs. baht. Extend the period of use up to 2 years. Equipment, tools, machines. and help reduce production costs for customers at the same time, the WCE team gained skills and knowledge in the learning curve on the theory of wear damage from corrosion (Corrosion Wear) and also helps enhance knowledge Techniques and engineering capabilities to develop into innovative design Promote the company’s plan to create a new engineering service, Engineering Solution Onsite. Mr. Kittisak said

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