WCE Completes Service Engineering SCG paper plants aerator.

WCE is cool, design-manufacture-install Aerator has been successful. It is the design and manufacture of the company’s first aerator. to aerate the wastewater treatment ponds of the Company’s factories Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd. (SKIC) in the SCG group of paper, project value of 1.25 million baht, builds trust in the quality of engineering of WCE in research and development (R&D) work, takes a total of 9 months. The design can stir water and sludge as well as foreign prototypes. It can reduce costs and obstacles in machine maintenance.

Mr. Narongrit Chotinuchittrakul Managing Director of West Coast Engineering Company Limited or WCE revealed this to reporters. “News of Iron Man SSI” that The company has been trusted by companies in the SCG group to use engineering services continuously because WCE has an engineering design and development department to operate for customers. In addition, customers in the SCG group used to hire repairs and manufacturers. Machine parts, which WCE can respond to the needs of customers quickly and with quality. Recently, Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd. (SKIC) in the SCG paper group has hired to carry out the design. And produce aerator (Aerator) in terms of R&D work by letting WCE listen to information and make designs. improve for customers until successful Agreed to hire a production job The project value is 1.25 million baht to aerate the wastewater treatment pond of the factory.

From the problems received 1) The customer has an Aerator that was ordered from abroad to use. but with a set of buoyancy They are large and heavy. which is made of steel Making installation and maintenance difficult and expensive 2) Aerator ordered from abroad Used with 75kW motors. Customers wanted to replace them with existing customers’ 55kW motors to make the most of the old ones. Therefore, WCE has redesigned the buoyancy structure. The buoy is made of fiberglass material, strong and resistant to chemicals and sunlight. It is lighter in total weight, smaller in size, easy to install and move, maintain, and stay within the budget that the customer needs. In addition, a new design The water impeller is smaller but still highly efficient. And designed a gear drive to match the power and speed of the motor 55 kW of the customer. It took 5 months to design and the production-installation period is 4 months. There is a team in total operation.

Operation of the construction by producing at Bang Saphan Factory Do a float test assembly. structural strength before being installed at the job site Test the functionality to store various values. and then put it to use in practice. The results of the experiment or actual use 1) The propeller has been designed. Able to stir water and sludge as well as foreign prototypes but the oxygen content is less because of the smaller shape and size 2) can reduce the amount of electricity because there is a gear reducer and the motor is smaller

Mr. Narongrit revealed that it had never been produced before. And this machine is WCE’s first design and manufacturer, which has achieved great success. Standard quality is equivalent to imported machines from abroad. Actually use it and do not experience any useful intelligence. and reduce the cost of maintenance by modifying materials and durable

WCE aims to enhance knowledge techniques and develop engineering capabilities to meet the most comprehensive range of industries by increasing competitiveness by using large machines Accurate and modern tools and quality inspection and assurance for stepping into the world of modern engineering that never stops and able to compete sustainably

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