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We are committed to developing the potential of our staff, fostering skills, expertise, and excellence in everything we do.

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We recognize the value of every employee, making them integral contributors to the success of our business.

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We promote the creation of positive customer experiences through heartfelt service, honesty, and punctuality.

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Every employee has the opportunity for sustainable growth alongside the company.

Personnel development

Personnel development

The Company recognizes that human resources are valuable assets and the foundation of business. The business will grow sustainably Personnel must be strong and stable. Therefore focusing on developing the potential of personnel to create skills expertise in every field and from the vision to be an excellent engineering company for Thai people in providing engineering services engineering skills development and skill is of paramount importance.
In the world of rapid changes in technology, economy, competition, etc., the company is ready for this change. By formulating human resource development strategies by upgrading old skills (Upskill) and adding new skills (Reskill) to expand business capabilities.

At present, the company employs skilled employees that are recognized by the national skill standard in various fields, such as welders. Electrician in the building Industrial Electrician Metal lathe branch, fine mechanic branch, home, and small commercial air conditioning technician branch Diesel engine repair branch auto mechanic and have employees pass the skill level test according to the JIS Z 3841 Semi-automatic standard of The Japan Welding Engineering Society (JWES), to upgrade the skill to a higher standard to support the international market expansion.

in terms of developing expertise in engineering, The company aims to expand its expertise based on new and diverse technologies, such as Rail Engineering, Robotic Automation, Energy, etc., by supporting learning in all forms of personnel.

Human Resources Management Policy

Human Resources Management Policy

    The company gives importance to employees at all levels and everyone. with the belief that good quality staff will come to the success of the organization The company, therefore, focuses on recruiting and selecting qualified employees to work with the company. Ensuring that welfare and compensation are appropriate and fair have employment conditions that can compete with the labor market as well as continually develop and train employees to have the opportunity to develop career advancement as well as promote the quality of working life with good health and safety at work which will be beneficial to employees Company and society as a whole

    The company pays attention to the development of personnel’s abilities. Basic knowledge is developed by regularly organizing training to educate employees. Both internal training and sending to training outside the company Sending employees to work abroad including sending employees to receive the national skill standard test The company has allocated a budget for personnel development appropriately. This is to drive towards the goal of becoming a learning organization (Learning Organization). Full support for the company’s personnel There is life long learning. From such commitment, employees are able to increase their knowledge. Understanding improves skills for yourself. and result in efficient operation And employees themselves can grow with the expansion of the company.



● Annual bonus
● Extra money for employees who perform factory tasks.
● Allowance, accommodation, vehicle
● expenses, medical expenses
● Provident Fund
● Savings Cooperatives
● Life insurance and health insurance
● Annual health check

● Death allowance
● Home Loan Welfare Scheme
● Staff uniforms
● Outstanding Employee Award and awards for working years
● Scholarships, development, and training both in the country. and abroad
● Annual party Sports activities both inside and outside
● Library and gym.

Latest News

Follow and read the news, including developments in our personnel development, along with improvements both inside and outside the organization.


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