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Mr. Kittiwut Siriprompisan, Head of Business Unit Repair and Renovation of Machinery of West Coast Engineering Company Limited or WCE, said that WCE has been continuously trusted by the company Posco-Thainox Public Company Limited or Posco-Thainox is a joint venture company among the world’s leading steel industry groups. from France, Japan, Italy, and Thailand has the only cold-rolled stainless steel factory in Thailand. Located on an area of ​​​​over 130 rai at an industrial estate ‘Rayong Industrial Park’, Rayong Province.

Because Posco-Thainox has informed the annual major maintenance plan. During the past July and at that time there was the Overhaul Mandrel Payoff event and the Tension reel which was done Posco-Thainox. It was reported that there was a problem with the use of rolling the Coil, causing the Coil to become wrinkled and not the standard shape. Therefore, there is a need for WCE to assist in overhauling and resolving the problems that arise. WCE accepts the operation according to the needs of the customers. Clients are confident in WCE’s ability and experience with Overhaul Mandrel. Operate 4 years/time or every cycle with this Overhaul Mandrel.


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