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MFE Service

MFE Service offers continuous maintenance contract ranging
from 1 to 5 years, as well as periodic or annual maintenance services.

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MFE Service

With over 23 years of experience, MFE Service offers skilled craftsmanship in maintenance services for industries including steel, paper, and others.

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MFE Service

MFE Service offers the most comprehensive repair and maintenance solutions for any industrial factory issues you may encounter.

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MFE Service

MFE Service provides skilled labor and maintenance services in the fields of machinery, fluid systems, electrical systems, industrial vehicles, and cranes.

MFE Service

MFE Service

With over 24 million man-hours of experience, WCE has been providing skilled craftsmanship in maintenance services.
The leading industries of various countries trust our services.
We continuously expand maintenance contracts for factory facilities, providing services in the areas of maintenance management and resource management.

Get to Know MFE Service

Discover the services offered by MFE Service and how we tackle maintenance challenges in industrial factories. 

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Highlight Project

Experience the exceptional quality of our maintenance services firsthand and witness the remarkable results that leave a lasting impression.

MFE (Mechanical-Fluid-Electrical) Service is a comprehensive maintenance service that covers machinery, fluid systems, electrical systems, as well as vehicle and industrial crane maintenance. Our range of services includes:

We offer skilled labor for maintenance of machinery, fluid systems, electrical systems, vehicles, and cranes. We provide long-term maintenance solutions, ranging from 1 to 5 years. Our services encompass planning and executing maintenance plans for our clients.

Our skilled craftsmen provide on-demand maintenance services based on predetermined intervals, without the necessity of a fixed contract. We cover maintenance for machinery, fluid systems, electrical systems, and cranes.

Our experienced managers and engineers offer maintenance management system setup and planning. We collaborate with clients to design and execute effective maintenance strategies.

We specialize in emergency maintenance to restore equipment that has broken down or experienced damage, ensuring prompt repair to resume operations swiftly.

Our services encompass maintenance and repair of individual components or specific systems within industrial factories. We cover tasks related to machinery, fluid systems, electrical systems, welding and assembly work, as well as machinery installation.

Our Valued Customers

We have served a diverse group of customers who have relied on our skilled labor and maintenance services throughout our 23 years of experience.

Latest News

Delve into in-depth information and news, including engineering and innovation stories 

related to the services provided by MFE Service.

Our Team

In the MFE Service Business Unit, our team consists of experienced professionals with over 23 years of expertise. They possess comprehensive skills and certifications, making them proficient in the fields of skilled labor and maintenance. 

Pratak Suttisamdang

Head of MFE Service Business Unit

Wansa Wichit

Manager of Skilled Labor Service and Factory Maintenance


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Headquarters Bangkok

16 K&Y Building 5 Fl., Surasak Road, Silom Sub-District, Bangrak District, Bangkok, 10500
Telephone +66 (0) 2234 9487-89
Mobile Phone +66 (06) 5937 6283 
Fax +66 (0) 2233 6669

Factory Bang Saphan

9/1 Moo 4, BanKlangNa – YaiPloy Road, Maeramphueng, BangSaphan, PrachuapKhiriKhan 77140
Telephone +66 (0) 3290 6112 – 119
Fax +66 (0) 3290 6120