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Machinery Service

Comprehensive Machinery Service: Complete solutions for all aspects of machinery and equipment components, covering mechanical, fluid, and electrical systems.

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Machinery Service

Cost-Efficient Machinery Service: Reduce repair costs with on-site repair and enhancement services for customers.

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Machinery Service

Machinery Excellence for 23 Years: Manufacturing, repairing, and upgrading machinery for over 23 years, serving leading industries in the country.

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Machinery Service

Don't worry about the lifespan and performance of your machinery. Machinery Service is here to help.

Machinery Service

Machinery Service

We manage over 50 machinery units for operations within our facilities.
Utilizing modern tools like CMM Scan, 3D Scan, and NDT, we pinpoint issues and troubleshoot accurately. We excel in repairing and enhancing machinery systems.
Our One-Stop Service offers a comprehensive range of solutions in a single place. From inspection, repairs, and upgrades to producing replacement parts using Reverse Engineering or R&D Programs.

Introduction to Machinery Service

Discover Machinery Service, your solution to every machinery challenge in industrial factories. Get to know how our services can address your needs.

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Highlight Project

Experience outstanding maintenance and machinery enhancement with us. Explore remarkable project outcomes that leave a lasting impact

Services include design, repair, upgrade, and manufacturing of machinery and components related to mechanical, fluid, and electrical systems, as well as providing inspection, measurement, testing, and calibration services relevant to the industrial sector.

We design new machinery or retrofit existing ones for improved efficiency, including manufacturing parts to reduce repair expenses and dependency on foreign sources.

Our expertise covers the repair and enhancement of machinery’s mechanical and fluid systems, ensuring optimal performance. This includes addressing components like mandrels, bearings, hydraulic capsules, gears, gearboxes, hydraulic pumps and valves, water pumps and valves, rolls, and mechanical wear parts.

We specialize in electrical system repairs and enhancements, restoring or improving functionality. Our services encompass air conditioning, power and road lighting, dynamic balancing, thermal imaging, motor alignment, HVAC, CCTV, and lightning systems.

We offer repairs and enhancements for AC motors (up to 2850 kW) and DC motors (up to 5200 kW), as well as motor rewinding services for AC motors (up to 800 kW) and DC motors (up to 5200 kW).

Our team offers on-site repair and enhancement services for various machinery types, across Thailand and international locations. Services include boring (up to 800 mm), milling (up to 2000 x 600 mm), facing (up to diameter 4000 mm), lathe (up to diameter 800 mm), drilling and tapping (up to diameter 50 mm and M48), circular milling (up to diameter 4000 mm), and more.

We employ CNC machinery to design and produce wire patterns and grooves on rollers swiftly and precisely. Our capabilities include accommodating rollers with a maximum diameter of 800 mm, grooving patterns on roller surfaces up to 5000 mm in length, handling weights up to 10 tons, with precision levels as high as 0.02 mm.

We provide non-destructive testing (NDT), machine and component measurement and inspection, construction and installation inspections using high-precision CMM technology, and industrial tool calibration for size, pressure, and temperature.

We offer surface coating services on metal to optimize usability for specific applications.

We sell and distribute welding wires, hydraulic oils, bearings, valves, air conditioning units, light bulbs, and more.

Our Pounded Customers

We've served a diverse group of customers for repairs and enhancements over our 23 years of experience.

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Experience outstanding maintenance and machinery enhancement with us. Explore remarkable project outcomes that leave a lasting impact

Our Team

The Machinery Service Business Unit, specializing in machinery repair, maintenance, and production, is staffed with a dedicated team of experts with comprehensive coverage. With over 23 years of experience, our team possesses skills and certifications demonstrating proficiency in the field of complete machinery services.

Anake Nawarungroat

Product Manager Electrical Repair & Overhaul Services

Kreepetch Pongpanit

Machinery Manager

Kittiwut Siriprompisan

Head of Machinery Service Business Unit

Bunjerd Tubsone

Product Manager Machinery Part

Piya Sukchit

Product Manager Surface Engineering and Machine Mobile Services

Watcharin Kongthong

Product Manager Mechanical and Fluid Repair & Overhaul Services


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Headquarters Bangkok

16 K&Y Building 5 Fl., Surasak Road, Silom Sub-District, Bangrak District, Bangkok, 10500
Telephone +66 (0) 2234 9487-89
Fax +66 (0) 2233 6669

Factory Bang Saphan

9/1 Moo 4, BanKlangNa – YaiPloy Road, Maeramphueng, BangSaphan, PrachuapKhiriKhan 77140
Telephone +66 (0) 3290 6112 – 119
Fax +66 (0) 3290 6120