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Fabrication Service

Fabrication Service: Providing metal fabrication and assembly services with over 15 years of experience, maintaining quality standards recognized by experts in the metal industry.

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Fabrication Service

Fabrication Service Nationwide Collaboration: Offering services across all regions with cooperation from partners nationwide.

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Fabrication Service

Diverse Range of Services: Covering all aspects of metalwork across various industries, including machinery components, building structures, pressure vessels, tanks, chimneys, and bridges.

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Fabrication Service

Fabrication Service One-stop Service: Manage every step in one place, from processes and design to material sourcing, manufacturing, assembly, and installation of metal structures.

Fabrication Service

Fabrication Service

Capable of handling projects of various sizes, from small to large, utilizing an area exceeding 71,650 square meters.
Distinguished by state-of-the-art technology in metalwork, reducing production time and costs efficiently.
Professional team of metalwork experts, including certified engineers and craftsmen with various industry standards.

Get to Know Fabrication Service

Experience the world of Fabrication Service, where we design, manufacture, assemble, and install metal structures at WCE.

Fabrication Service provide designing, manufacturing, assembling, and installing metal structures and steel with expert knowledge gained from over 15 years of experience and international standards recognition.

We offer designing, manufacturing, and installation services for building structures, adhering to international standards (M-grade) recognized by Japan. This includes warehouse buildings, raw material storage buildings, parking structures, industrial factory buildings, various types of buildings, and Pre-Engineered Building systems.

Our services involve designing, manufacturing, and installing pressure vessels for industrial applications according to international ASME standards. This ensures maximum efficiency and safety in operation. We also manufacture and repair Inner Cover components used in industrial steel-making processes.

Our expertise includes designing, manufacturing, and installing metal structures for machinery, industrial fans for power plants, conveying systems, and production systems in cement and petrochemical industries. We also design, manufacture, and install structures for tanks, chimneys, and air ducts.

Our services encompass designing, manufacturing, installing, and repairing steel bridge structures of all types in line with engineering standards. These include pedestrian bridges, road bridges, railway bridges, and suspension bridges.

Our Valued Customers

A group of customers who have utilized our metal structure fabrication and assembly services for over 15 years.

Latest News

Delve into the latest news, including stories related to engineering and innovations in the field of metal structure fabrication and assembly.

Our Team

The Fabrication Service Business Unit, specializing in the manufacturing and assembly of steel structures, is equipped with a team of skilled professionals with over 15 years of experience, they manage and oversee specialized tasks, possessing expertise and certifications in welding, metal fabrication, and various machinery operations.

Yongyut Yambang

Head of Fabrication Service Business Unit

Saichon Sukthep

Manager of Steel Fabrication and Assembly Department


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Headquarters Bangkok

16 K&Y Building 5 Fl., Surasak Road, Silom Sub-District, Bangrak District, Bangkok, 10500
Telephone +66 (0) 2234 9487-89
Fax +66 (0) 2233 6669

Factory Bang Saphan

9/1 Moo 4, BanKlangNa – YaiPloy Road, Maeramphueng, BangSaphan, PrachuapKhiriKhan 77140
Telephone +66 (0) 3290 6112 – 119
Fax +66 (0) 3290 6120