Drilling into the potential of WCE, providing steel structure assembly services for the oil drilling rig, Shelf Drilling Dubai, using the Prachuap Port area.

West Coast Engineering Company Engineering service provider leading in the region Increase the ability to provide fabrication work by using the potential advantages of having a port area WCE cooperates with Prachuap Port to provide fabricate service, repair of machine parts and equipment, along with painting work for 2 oil rigs, namely the Chao Phraya rig and the Krathong rig from the customer, Shelf Drilling Dubai, with a total of 29 sub-jobs with a total value of 3.02. MB.

This is the beginning of cooperation to maximize the potential of WCE’s location and port.  Create value and get the most Reduce operating costs for customers which originally repaired the drilling rig will drag the platform to the repair site in 2 areas, namely Songkhla Province and Chonburi Province, which have higher transportation costs. Under the control of the impact of work, no impact on the environment The nature of the work is disassembly. Worn parts, buzzer, and fabrication of new parts. In the WCE factory area, ready to paint before being installed on the drilling rig which takes a total service time of 3 months.

Mr. Kittisak Mapanao, Managing Director and Director West Coast Engineering Co., Ltd. or WCE said that the business of WCE, company has started to provide maintenance services and expand the service to a total of 6 business units by the steel structure assembly business, which is 1 in 6 business units and has the ability to provide main services covering 5 groups:

1. Fabrication Mechanical (FME)

2. Fabrication Tank & Stack (FTS)

3. Prefab & Building (FPB)

4. Fabrication of Pressure vessel & Inner cover (FPV)

5. Fabrication of Steel Bridge (FSB) production.

Which provides oil rig repair services This is the first time that WCE has joined the service of fabrication and is accepted by customers for Shelf Drilling. Every process is under quality control by QC according to international standards. of fabrication work with an after-sales guarantee by QA To give customers confidence in the quality of our fabrication service WCE.


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