Crossing Boundaries With Bin Picking Robotics

Currently, industrial factories widely employ robotics and industrial arms, which can accurately control production time, efficiently increase production volume, reduce human errors, and operate systematically at a constant speed. While using robotics or industrial arms in operations may not be new to many, today, WCE takes a leap beyond the conventional limitations by introducing the Bin Picking Robotics, which offers numerous advantages and maximizes efficiency within industrial factories.
What is Bin Picking Robotics?

Bin Picking Robotics is an advanced development of general Pick and Place Robots, which are robots used to pick up objects from one position and place them in another on a production line. Bin Picking Robotics offers more capabilities than traditional picking robots because it incorporates additional equipment and has the ability to analyze, detect, and separate objects.

Bin Picking Robotics combines the working principles of two main technologies: Robotics and Machine Vision. It utilizes 3D cameras to capture images and sends them to Machine Vision for analyzing the object’s position and orientation. This system visualizes the area in 3D format, enabling it to identify pickable positions accurately in that area and select the appropriate picking strategy for each cycle. This precise programming allows the robot to place objects accurately in the desired locations.

Moreover, Bin Picking Robotics is an almost fully automated process. It eliminates the need for humans to prepare and organize objects meticulously, similar to the traditional approach. With only 3D-shaped containers, the robot can randomly sort objects, saving significant time and reducing the need for close supervision. The program settings can be flexibly adjusted to specify the desired object details, such as dimensions, specific characteristics, or other conditions. Bin Picking Robotics can be utilized to efficiently sort products that meet standards and package them quickly, significantly speeding up the delivery process.

What can Bin Picking Robotics do?

– Sort and pick objects without predefined patterns.
– Sort and pick objects of various sizes in an unstructured space.
– Pick and organize lightweight objects with uncertain shapes.
– Pick objects with high temperature or heavy weight at a constant speed.
– Handle the entire process of sorting, picking, and analyzing in small-sized spaces, reducing the need for multiple devices.
– Eliminate the necessity for close supervision.
Bin Picking Robotics can be applied across various industries, including the food and beverage industry, information technology industry, pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, and transportation industry, among others.

Why is Bin Picking Robotics better than traditional picking robots?

Bin Picking Robotics has several advantages over traditional picking robots. Here’s how Bin Picking Robotics outperforms traditional pick and place robots:

1. Better adaptability and flexibility:

Bin Picking Robotics offers high flexibility as it incorporates Machine Vision, which allows the robot to perceive the working environment. This enables the robot to adapt efficiently to various working conditions and work in diverse environments. Additionally, the program settings can be adjusted to change the picking activities, such as rearranging the schedule or relocating to different areas, without the need for reconfiguring the workspace. This flexibility helps save space, time, and manpower.

2. Superior analysis and handling of objects:

Bin Picking Robotics can handle objects without the need for prearrangement or organization. It can pick objects from 3D-shaped containers, even when they vary in shape, size, and weight. Furthermore, it can pick and handle objects without the need for specific fixtures, allowing it to work with different product models. This reduces space requirements, time, and the need for multiple devices compared to traditional picking robots, which rely on placing objects on a conveyor belt.

3. Automation capabilities:

While traditional picking robots also utilize automation to pick objects, they still require human intervention for supervision and object preparation. On the other hand, Bin Picking Robotics requires minimal human supervision and preparation. The Machine Vision system can send images for analysis and troubleshooting in different situations, reducing the need for human involvement.

4. High safety standards:

Bin Picking Robotics is equipped with 3D cameras and various sensors, enabling it to work safely with other robots, equipment, and human operators. It complies with safety regulations and provides a secure working environment for operators and coexisting equipment. The presence of safety systems ensures user confidence in various workspace conditions.

5. Leap forward in performance:

With the advancements in AI technology and sensors, Bin Picking Robotics can accurately process and analyze information, resulting in error-free object selection and high-speed operations. It can efficiently handle high-volume and repetitive tasks while maintaining optimal performance.

It is evident that Bin Picking Robotics can be utilized across a wide range of industries, enhancing production processes with speed and precision, saving time, and rapidly delivering products. It offers flexibility in diverse environments and surpasses traditional picking robots in handling complex objects and adjusting grippers to suit specific requirements. Bin Picking Robotics is highly beneficial for industrial applications, particularly in large factories or complex environments, where it can efficiently handle object movement and arrangement.

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